About El Brabantino

Wine Boutique, Wine Events, El Brabantino Wines & El Brabantino Selection

El Brabantino at a glance

El Brabantino wine boutique: small and cosy wine shop in the centre of Madrid

El Brabantino Wine Events: Exclusive Wine tastings & Wine tourism in Madrid

El Brabantino export: export and distribution of our label in the Netherlands

Online Store: buy online El Brabantino Wines & El Brabantino Selection

How it started

El Brabantino started as a small wine boutique in Madrid and is fast becoming an international point of reference for different and exciting wines in Madrid.

The name El Brabantino derives from the region we’re from ; the province of Brabant in the Netherlands. The company was founded in 2012 and has been growing  into a ´Madrileño´ hotspot where a diverse and international crowd enjoys our wines and participates in our events.

Since 2013 we also started exporting the best wines under our own  El Brabantino label meaning that you can still enjoy our wines outside of Spain.

What we do

We love to experiment, find new wines and share our discoveries with our customers. We are especially interested in the smaller wineries from lesser known wine regions, as they usually produce extraordinary wines at very affordable prices.

Furthermore, we organize all sorts of wine related events, such as wine tastings, wine tourism, presentations, visits to wine fairs, local distribution and  import & export.

And finally we´ve developed our own El Brabantino product line, on sale in our online store or through our distributors

The Team

The El Brabantino team is made up of an international group of people who have the same vision on life: to enjoy it!. We work hard and play hard. We strongly believe that you are best in what you love to do so everybody is dedicated to a section they have a particular passion for… but most importantly… we all love wine! 

Jean Pierre, originally from Brabant, has lived in Madrid for over 10 years where he Co-founded El Brabantino in 2012. He is a great wine enthusiast and responsible for selecting the wines at El Brabantino.

Jean Pierre van Breugel

Managing Partner

Koen is originally from Brabant and has started up several successfull companies. He has been living in Madrid for nearly 15 years and loves his Ribera del Duero. His specialty is olfative marketing and aroma recognition.

Koen van den Braak

Partner & Exportmanager

Marta is originally from Almeria and Co founder of El Brabantino. She is responsible for a.o. accounts receivable and accounts payable. She enjoys good food and good wine especially when served together.

Marta García Carvajal

Finance & Administration

Sanne is studying Event organization at Koning Willem I college in Den-bosch and has chosen El Brabantino for her internship for 7 months. Responsible for our social media and wine tourism.

Sanne Ansen


At El Brabantino we believe that wine is art…. it is sunlight held together in a bottle, elaborated under extreme circumstances to find the perfect balance of all elements found in nature. We look for perfection in wine but also in everything we do!

… if you want to know more, don´t hesitate to contact us by e-mail, phone or schedule an appointment!